Jellison Traders - Buying and Selling Items Antique, Vintage, Modern...and more!
We carry a wide range of antique, vintage and "good ole" products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. A random sampling of some items we currently have in stock are posted here.
Please call 213-4063 or  (or better yet, stop in) if you are interested in any items shown on this site!
If you stop by the shop and don't see an item you're looking for, please ask!! We may have just moved it around a bit...
FOR MORE PHOTOS, visit us on Faceboook.  It is quicker and easier for me to load photos there!
Antique Walnut OrganAntique Gingerbread ClockChild's Cage!Behind Door Number Three...?Hockey Anyone?
Assorted small itemsMore Assorted SmallsLots of metal/iron balusters (not antique).Lots of windowsItalian style cabinet. $275
Vintage dresses!Assorted goodies...Tools in the tool bin...Words to live by...
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