Jellison Traders - Buying and Selling Items Antique, Vintage, Modern...and more!
How We Buy:
We are always on the lookout to buy great items!!  Always feel free to inquire.
Typically, we seek "whole property" buy-outs. We are the opposite of "pickers".  We  don't necessarily seek that one special item by itself ... we like to buy in bulk!  Common situations where we could be of service would be...
~ When someone is moving and not taking much with them
     (often when moving to retirement or assisted living homes...downsizing)
~ When a family member passes away and leaves behind a lifetime
     accumulation of everything that you need to clear out of the home...
~ When getting a property ready for sale on the real estate market.
~ When you just need all the stuff in the barn/garage/attic GONE...
This is our specialty.  Give us a call, email, or stop in and we can provide you with details of how it works.  Sometime you pay us, sometimes we pay you.  It all depends on your specific situation...the nature and quality of the property contents, combined with the services needed and the costs we would incur to complete the job for you.
We do occassionally buy individual items that folks bring by the shop.  We also buy items at dealer auctions, estate sales, yard sales, flea markets, antique shows, etc.  Basically wherever we can find something that we think someone else will want to buy, at a price we can afford. 
If you are thinking of selling an item or collection, keep in mind that we are re-sellers.  This is what we do for a living, and we need to be able to purchase items at a reasonable enough price that still allows us room to make a profit.  If you are looking to get top retail dollar for the item you wish to sell, we are not the outlet for you, because we are not the final destination for these items  (ever watch "Pawn Stars" on the History Chanel?). 
We make every attempt to understand local market value (and it's fluctuations), and be fair in the prices we offer.  But if maximum profit is your goal, consider seeking out the individual end collector by advertising your item directly to that collector...via Ebay, Craigslist, classified ads or collectors trade publications.
All that being said...   :)

If you have an item or items you are interested in selling, email us a photo with all the details of the item, and if possible what price you had in mind that you would like for it.  We will reply as soon as possible.
We will travel well beyond our Augusta, Maine location for large lots of antiques, vintage, retro items in homes, barn lots etc!
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